our story



how it all began

We are born makers. We move what we’re learning from our heads to our hearts through our hands.


- Brene Brown -


It's so good to see you here!


I'm Bonny. The hands and heart behind The Ark.

I adore wild daisies, cacti, trees, sunshine, extremely warm weather, the sea, seashells, being in water, white sandy beaches, sunsets, nature adventures, mangoes, scented candles, open space, quietness, joyfulness, childlikeness, reading while sipping tea, genuine love songs, dance performances that make you cry, vulnerable story-telling, and meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Have I mentioned every single beautiful thing in the world yet?! :)

I am married to Calvin, and am mother to our precious girl - Yadah! Both of these human beings are total gifts from heaven to my life. Calvin hand-sews all the fabric banners at The Ark and is the best handy man and behind-the-scenes champion. His main craft though is pottery (@covenantclay)! We have been very blessed to be able to have our home-studios in the countryside of Norfolk UK.


My biggest inspiration in life and creativity is the Person of Divine Light - the Lord Jesus Christ. He is my beginning, my process, and my destination. He brought me from death to life. And it is now my joy and mission to share this Life and Love with the world!

It would really bless my heart to hear your story as well.

Drop me a message!

I am also a qualified art psychotherapist and have had the privilege of using this profession to bring healing and hope to the lost, the brokenhearted and the captives. Before that I was a graphic designer / art director in the commercial sector. Though I liked design, I realized that it was not my life passion to serve commercial enterprises. I needed something more than a career, I needed a purpose that's worth living and dying for. Life is short and I want mine to matter; ever since I began to know God I decided to give my life to causes and deeds of love that will actually count in eternity. 

I have always loved creating, since I was a little kid, and I never stopped. A few years ago I found myself feeling rather discontent with the gifts I was buying for friends' birthdays, weddings, Christmases, special occasions or simply to show encouragement. I started to make different types of art pieces to give to family and friends and strangers (this is actually a 'custom' that I developed as a child, I'm grateful to my parents who loved and kept the endless Disney cards I painted for them :P).

In October 2016, after a series of amazing events and encouraging words from friends, I decided to step out and start a little online business, and The Ark was born! 


I had a lot of struggles leading up to the launch of The Ark.
I was afraid that my work was not good enough, that people wouldn't be interested, that it's going to be a failure, that it's just a projection of ugly self-ambition. However, the Lord Jesus and my wonderful hubby kept encouraging me and spurring me on the right track. It is easy for creatives and artists who do not know who they really are, to get into the dark loophole of comparisons and self-doubt and lose the vision and the joy of creating; I have definitely been there! But I thank God that ultimately He defines 'success', not me, not anyone else. I have learnt and am learning that I always just need the attitude of a daughter making something for her Father - all love and no fear. 

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." - Pablo Picasso 

I hope that through everything that I create, you see hope, joy and love! Thank you for visiting and being here! :)