Romantic typeface on our canvas banners

Apart from our signature hand-scripted calligraphy, I've realized that recently this typeface has become a favourite of yours! It is a slightly different working progress for me compared to the script, but the same attention to detail, precision and love is given. I adore the romantic, classic and timeless feel this typeface gives.

We highly value the fact that each of you deserves a unique product that is made with the best care and with your best interests in mind. We are always ready and open to discuss size and layout options which will best suit your purposes. I enjoy collaborating with you! So feel free to bring any ideas to the table and we can create something that you / your loved ones will treasure in the years to come.

We live in a society that is thirsty for quick profits, fast turnarounds and instant pleasures - choosing handmade and small-scale artists is not something that comes easily. My husband and I really appreciate and are humbled by every opportunity we get to make something for you with the instruments we've been gifted with - our very own hands. And to hear of how much you love them, makes every effort worthwhile!

You can see price ranges and more examples here.







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